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If you’re due for a refund, chances are it will be larger if your taxes are prepared professionally. If you are doing your own taxes, you just might be leaving money on the table. In other words, it may be costing you more than having them done by a CPA. Howard Dagley CPA – can review your current situation and advise.

Get Organized for your 2020 Return – Howard Dagley CPA – If you’re in business for yourself, you’ll need to be in the know about Tax Laws that have changed and so have Business Deductions.

If you’re getting assistance from the EDD, Find out if there are taxes to be paid on that money.  Know your exposure!

Howard will help you prepare and E-File your return.


Howard Dagley, CPA: 23942 Lyons Avenue, Ste 106, Santa Clarita, CA. 91321 | 1-661-255-8627 | cpasantaclarita.com

Howard Dagley, CPA

Howard is a certified public accountant licensed by the state of California. He holds a certificate of completion from Cal State Northridge in Total Quality Management.

New rules introduced quite often. Don’t take the chance of missing out on the possibility of an increased refund.

IRS updates car and truck depreciation limits? Call Howard Dagley, CPA 1-661-255-8627 It’s always tax time! Serving Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles County

Time for tax organization. There are so many new laws and questions to ask! Howard Dagley, CPA has the answers. Call Today:


Find out if you need to get your personal and/or business taxes done by a professional. Maybe you need to estimate quarterly, Maybe not!