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Payroll Services

Howard provides quality payroll preparation to Small Business clients in a friendly and relaxed way.  Clients appreciate the flexibility that he can offer when corrections or changes need to be made.  Let Howard take care of your tedious and difficult payroll and bookkeeping tasks, so you can concentrate on managing and growing your business!

Payroll Tax Reports and Deposits

HOWARD DAGLEY will professionally prepare your quarterly and year-end Payroll Tax Reports.  These include W2’s, W3’s, DE7’s, 940’s, 941’s and DE6’s.  He will also systematize your Payroll Tax Deposits with every payroll period.  With a correctly prepared report, you can rest assured that your payroll taxes are accurate and can be paid on time.

Workers Comp Audits

Eventually, almost all Small Business are required to perform a Workers Compensation audit.  He can help ease the stress and interference of an auditor by having them meet with us at your office.  He has all of his clients’ business payroll records, and can provide the auditors with the information they need to complete their work.  Let us take care of your auditing problems –  Howard is here for you.

Financial Statements and Bank Reconciliations

Generating accurate Financial Statements is the only way to gauge how your Small Business is doing.  HOWARD DAGLEY will expertly prepare your Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements, and Bank Reconciliations on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.   Why hassle with accounting procedures that are difficult to understand, and bank reconciliations that are tedious to complete?  Let us take care of all of your bookkeeping needs, so that you can focus on the more important job of managing your business!

Cafeteria Plans

Business Owners can benefit from using Cafeteria Plans to help manage the rising costs of health care. There are many types of plans available. He are here to help you determine which plans are the most effective for your business.  Call us today to start maximizing your savings!

Business Start-up Consulting

Selecting the best structure for your business can be a difficult decision.  Before you decide to incorporate or form a partnership, let us help you evaluate tax advantages, legal exposure and ease of operation, so that you can decide which structure will best fit your needs.   Howard has helped many clients save time and money by simply talking first.  Call today to schedule an appointment. (661) 255-8627

Starting or Buying a Business:  Each option involves some element of risk and reward. Whichever option you choose, hohever, owning your own business offers a chance at more freedom and greater financial rewards. So, you’re thinking of going into business for yourself. You have several options available, and all involve some degree of risk. Do you want to create a start-up operation? Perhaps you are planning on buying an existing business. Or, you may be considering the purchase of a franchise operation

Choosing an Entity for Your Business:  Basically, three separate categories of entities exist: partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies. Each category has its own advantages, disadvantages, and special rules. It is also possible to operate your business as a sole proprietorship without organizing as a separate business entity.  Now that you’ve decided to start a new business or buy an existing one, you need to consider the form of business entity that’s right for you.