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Call Howard to find out if you need to get your personal and/or business taxes done. 1-661-255-8627

Don’t do your own taxes, it may be costing you more than having them done by a CPA. Have Howard Dagley CPA – review your current situation. Put your trust in a pro. CPA, Howard Dagley

The Tax Season is getting ready to start for most of us.

Howard Dagley, CPA has the answers.

Howard is a certified public accountant licensed by the state of California. He holds a certificate of completion from Cal State Northridge in Total Quality Management.  Call Howard L Dagley, CPA at


Howard Dagley, CPA: 23942 Lyons Avenue, Ste 106, Santa Clarita, CA. 91321 | 1-661-255-8627 | cpasantaclarita.com