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If You Want To Maximize Your Tax Return Amount This Year, There Are Many Things You Can Do To Make It A Reality In 2024! Sometimes, all you might be missing are some simply tax deductions that can help boost the amount you receive. Your filing status might also have a big impact on how much you get back on your refund as well. If you’re not sure if you’ve been filing your taxes correctly, Howard Dagley, CPA is here to lend a hand. Howard is the tax expert you need to help you get the most out of your refund this year. Give Howard Dagley, CPA a call today at 1-661-255-8627


Making sure you receive the refund you deserve is important. If you’ve done everything you can to make sure you get all of your deductions and tax credits, often times simply working with a tax professional is all you need! Working with a tax pro is better than doing your own taxes because you might end up missing out on deducations and tax credits. Howard Dagley, CPA will make sure you don’t end up leaving money on the table in 2024! Call Howard Today at 1-661-255-8627!


Howard Dagley, CPA is a certified public accountant licensed by the state of California. He is also a certified quickbooks expert with extensive experience in retail, entertainment, manufacturing and distribution. Serving the greater SoCal area, Howard is here to make sure that your taxes are handled before the April deadline. Get an early start on your taxes this year with the best! Call Howard Dagley, CPA now at 1-661-255-8627


If you have questions about your tax return or need help filing, peace of mind is just a phone call away. Call Howard Dagley, CPA today to get all of your tax related questions answered!



Maximize Your Refund Amount This Year! Call Howard Dagley Today!

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